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CND Enhancements

If you want beautiful long nails, but don’t have the time or patience to grow your own, then enhancements are for you! Choose from Liquid & Powder or Gel nails, sculpted or false tips and if you just can’t decide, then leave it up to us! We are more than happy to guide and advise you as to the best system to suit your natural nail type.

CND Retention+ Liquid & Powder ‘Acrylic’ Enhancements - Many people still think of enhancements as thick, unnatural claw-like nails but these are now a thing of the past! CND have dedicated the last 25 years to perfecting thin, healthy, protective, natural-looking enhancements that will not damage you natural nails.

Technologically advanced pigmented powders can be matched specifically to your skin tone to create a completely natural looking nail. The illusion of longer, more graceful nail beds and the nails you have always wanted can easily be achieved.

CND Brisa Gel - The first acrylate-free gel system in the world. Brisa is hypo allergenic and odour free. Brisa Gel creates high-shine, no fuss nail enhancements with a fast, easy application process that results in the most striking nails you will ever have seen! Not only does it build strong, natural looking enhancements but Brisa Gel can also be used as an overlay on your natural nail, to provide that little bit of protection while you grow out your nails to your desired length.

CND Brisa Lite Gel - Brisa Lite is the first removeable gel that is safe, colour stable and provides 3 weeks wear. Combining the strength and durability of Brisa Gel, with the removable qualities of Shellac, Brisa Lite is the perfect choice for those women who love the idea of Gel but don’t want any of the hassle when it comes to taking it off! It can be used to both extend the natural nail and as an overlay and requires NO filing of the natural nail.