Nouveau Lashes

State-of-the-art semi-permanent lash extensions that give longer, thicker, very natural looking lashes – individually applied for a striking and defined result.

Nouveau lashes are virtually weightless and are applied to your lashes one at a time. The result is simply stunning looking lashes that are comfortable to wear and last for up to 6 weeks rather than a few days.

Nouveau Lash benefits

  • Darker, thicker, longer lashes
  • Virtually weightless and extremely comfortable to wear
  • Low maintenance and fantastic staying power
  • No need for mascara again!

The procedure is very comfortable and relaxing; you simply lie down with your eyes shut for around 90 minutes and you will hardly feel a thing!

It is recommended that you have your Nouveau Lashes retouched every 2-3 weeks to ensure they maintain their fullness.

Nouveau Lashes


Please ensure you follow the aftercare advice given below to ensure you get the full benefit from your fabulous lashes:

  • For the first 2 hours after application do NOT allow your new lashes to get wet
  • For 2 days after your Nouveau treatment, do NOT steam your face, swim or use very hot water on your face
  • Do not use waterproof mascara or mascara remover on nouveau lashes – only use water based mascara on the very tips of your lashes if you feel the need
  • Do not perm or curl your lashes
  • Do not overly rub your eyes/lashes