Nouvatan Spray Tans

Nouvatan offers you a fast, completely flawless and natural looking tan, without the harmful effects associated with the sun.

We offer a variety of different shades to suit all skin types and a typical treatment will take just 20 minutes.

It’s up to you what you choose to wear to your spray tan appointment – it is our priority that you feel comfortable and so you should dress accordingly. We recommend that you use old black underwear, or an old bikini that you wont mind ruining as the solution may stain.

Nouvatan Spray Tans

Pre treatment Advice

  • Exfoliate the night prior to your treatment
  • Shave/wax 24 hours before
  • On the day of your tan avoid wearing perfume, moisturizer, make-up and deodorant
  • Wear dark loose clothing with open toe shoes e.g. flip-flops
  • Leave jewellery at home

Aftercare advice

  • Allow 8 hours for your tan to develop before showering
  • Avoid touching your skin during development time as this will cause staining to your palms
  • Avoid heavy exercise, as perspiration can spoil the result
  • After showering / bathing pat dry with a towel
  • Moisturise morning and night with non-oil based moisturiser
  • Avoid swimming as chlorine will strip your tan
  • Ensure all tan is removed before your next spray tan appointment